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Launch Announcement - Sticks & Doodles

It's about time.

We are so excited to finally be able to announce the merging of Sticks Wood Company, and Doodles Vinyl Graphics, Apparel, and Gifts ( @saskdoodles ), into Sticks & Doodles, and the launch of (clickable link in bio).

This has been a long time coming.

Our home/office has been putting out wood signs, t-shirts, vinyl decals, mugs, and a huge assortment of gifts for almost two years. During that time we have operated two social accounts, two emails, and two businesses.

But they both had the same goal.

To make gift giving fun. To create special moments. To give people a level off freedom and customization that you just can't find at a department store.


We've all been there:

Christmas shopping at Canadian tire on December 23rd, hoping that $30.00 back scratcher in the checkout aisle would be good enough for Mom.

Anniversary shopping and feeling that the only way to give a special gift is to spend $900 on an Apple.

Scouring Etsy, wishing someone local could make something customized for your wedding.

That's why we're here.


It's been two years since we joined the vibrant Sask community of producers, and it's been obvious so long, that this is where we belong.


So What's New?!

1. All our current products, along with some new ones can be found at (clickable link in bio) . All can be customized, and purchased online, along with space to send custom requests.

2. Over the next month we will be launching our store on Etsy, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, along with making everything available on Facebook Marketplace.

3. We will be adding new products weekly - all which can be purchased online.


Thank you for giving us legs to walk, and teaching us to run. We will never stop.

Kyle & Danelle

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