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Shop Local - You're More Than A Support To The Community

SHOP LOCAL? The hottest buzzword in marketing right now is: “Shop Local”. You’ve heard the spiel: “Shop local, and you support local business in your community. That business in turn re-invests ...

5 Reasons to KICK EGO OUT of your Social Strategy

In a bleak moment this last week I realized that I had fallen victim to my own ego.  Let me explainIn the handmade / wood sign market, Instagram is massively dominant medium.  Everywhere you look y...

Top 5 Things to know about the Make it Awesome Blog

G'day happy people,  Welcome to the "Make It Awesome" Blog. This is post #1, and it seems like the ultimate way to kick off a blog run is to share exactly why this thing exists!    Kyle who?  My na...

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